VG099D s/n 031700 Allan variance plot (blue dashed line - white noise 1.8 deg/hr sqrt Hz)

Web catalog covers standard models.

Any standard model is a complete open-loop gyro system with fully integrated sensing fiber optic assembly and analog processing electronics.

Digital models integrate 24-bit AD converter behind analog output of the base model.

The model's data sheet reflects raw (non-corrected) output data parameters.

Standard models are configured for the performances limited by existing export regulation.

Any model may be reconfigured for unique range/accuracy requirements by changing winding pattern or fiber length and optimization of processing electronics for noise/drift reduction.   

Operating temperatures and mechanical endurance may be the subject of tailoring to customer requirements.

Export of modified gyro may require licensing depending on its target performance or end-use.


Due to ongoing product development Fizoptika reserves the rights to modify its specifications at any time without prior notice. Modifications are posted on the website prior to implementation.Please, read products datasheets when requesting quotations.