Pockels Cells

Below you will see the variety of different types of longitudinal and transverse Pockels cells manufactured by Leysop for modulation, Q-switching, pulse slicing and pulse picking. If you don't see anything which meets your needs, give us a call. Custom devices are our forté.

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Ultra-compact Pockels cell with integrated polarizer and waveplate for Q-switching.

NEW - Ultra-Compact Integrated Pockels Cells

For systems where a large aperture is required but the smallest Pockels cell must be used, the convenience of our new EM508UC is unbeatable. It combines a pre-aligned quarter wave retardation plate and a thin film Brewster plate polarizer for simple operation.
ultra-miniature longitudinal KD*P Pockels cell for electro-optic Q-switching

Ultra-Miniature Pockels Cells

This is our next smallest longitudinal mode KD*P Pockels cell, particularly suited to OEM laser manufacture. Aperture is presently limited to 8 or 10mm. Cells are supplied dry with AR coating for maximum optical power handling and are offered for the wavelength range 1047-1064nm. Stud or pin connections are available.

BBO Pockels cell for high power and repetition rate Q-switching and pulse picking.

High Power BBO Pockels Cells

Capable of operating at average powers of even hundreds of watts, for applications at the highest average powers there is no better choice than a BBO Pockels cell. The low piezo-electric coefficient also makes it suitable for high repetition rate applications.

RTP Pockels cell for high repetition rate Q-switching and pulse picking.

RTP Pockels Cells for High Repetition Rate Applications

This is our Pockels cell designed specifically for high repetition rate Q-switching and pulse picking (even to MHz rates) using RTP, selected for its complete absence of measurable piezo-electric resonances. Supplied as an OEM format cell in an industry standard package, a 100kHz driver is also available
longitudinal KD*P Pockels cell for electro-optic modulation and Q-switching

Standard Pockels Cells

This is our conventional range of longitudinal mode KD*P Pockels cells, particularly suited to general laboratory and darkroom environments. Apertures range from 8mm to 20mm and cells can be configured with either 1, 2 or 4 terminals depending on your interconnection requirements. Cells can be supplied fluid filled for low loss or dry for the highest optical power handling
Compact longitudinal Pockels cell for OEM Q-switching

Compact Pockels Cells

This is our more compact range of Pockels cells where a smaller size and simpler interconnect make them especially suited to OEM laser equipment manufacture. Both 8mm and 10mm aperture versions are currently available, but any aperture may be accomodated by this general style of packaging.
Ultra fast Pockels cell for pulse slicing and pulse picking

Ultra Fast Pockels Cells

This is our special range of ultra fast response KD*P Pockels cells, designed to give the fastest possible rise-times and cleanest responses for the most demanding pulse slicing and pulse picking applications. The aperture is a very useful 6mm diameter, large enough to accomodate most beams whilst being small enough to retain a 150ps time response.
Double crystal Pockels cell for reduced drive voltage

Double Pockels Cells

Double Pockels cells provide an excellent way of halving the drive voltage required by using two crystals to share the work. As well as being available in our conventional Pockels cell packaging, we can also provide compact style devices as well as ultra-fast versions.
three electrode Pockels cell for pulse slicing

Three Electrode Pockels Cells

For some special applications such as pulse picking and pulse slicing, there are advantages to using Pockels cell cells with three electrodes. These are effectively back-to-back Pockels cells which can then be driven independently to turn on and off the transmission of the optical beam with great precision and flexibility.
transverse field Pockels cells for electro-optic modulation and Q-switchng

Transverse Field Pockels Cells

With the exception of the RTP and BBO cells, all the above Pockels cells use KD*P crystals in longitudinal field mode. Whilst extremely effective devices, there are some applications where transverse field devices are superior choices. These are particularly so where wavelengths are longer than 1100nm, or where small size or low voltage operation are required. Most transverse Pockels cells are made using either lithium niobate or lithium tantalate, both materials of excellent optical quality. The optimum choice will depend on your application, so give us a call to discuss your needs. Custom requirements easily accomodated.