Liquid Crystal Spatial Light Modulators

SLM-S640(d) USB, SLM-S320(d) USB

The SLMs are available as single mask typ for phase or amplitude modulation and as dual mask typ for simulateous modulation of phase and amplitude.
The SLMs are based on the electrical control of the optical properties of nematic liquid crystal layer. The SLMs are excellent tools for modulation of ultra short laser pulses in a 4f-setup or a chirped pulse amplification system.

Scope of Application

- pulse shaping of ultra short and high power lasers
- multi photon microscopy
- ultrafast spectroscopy
- wave front correction in optical systems
- coherent control of chemical reactions
- optical information processing


- application in the visible and near infrared spectral range between 430 and 1600 nm
- custom-specific antireflection coatings possible
- the large active area enables the application of high laser power
- high resolution of the LC modulation voltage (12 bit)
- integrated ADC port e.g. for feedback pulse optimization
- operable in transmissive mode or optional with easy to mount mirror in reflective mode

The SLMs are available as single mask configuration for phase or amplitude modulation and as dual mask SLMs for simultaneous modulation of phase and amplitude with a resolution of 640 or 320 stripes.
Each stripe is controllable with 12 bit resolution. Thereby arbitrary stripe pattern are configurable.