Electro-Optic Deflector Q-Switch


The electro-optic deflector makes an ideal Q-switch for compact, low average power systems. Polarisers are not required and the optical loss can be kept to below 1%. The ability to deflect in a few nanoseconds allows short Q-switch pulses to be produced and high repetition rates obtained. The 1 mm aperture deflector has been successfully used to Q-switch a micro-chip laser at 20kHz while producing 1.5 ns pulse lengths. Leysop can supply the deflector with a miniaturised 1kV driver operating between 0 - 20 kHz. The Q-switch is not liquid filled and does not require accurate alignment.

Deflector Specification

Aperture 1mm 2mm 3mm
Deflector length 11m 20mm 25mm
Deflection angle for 1kV drive 5mrad 3mrad 1.5mrad
Optical loss ar/ar at 1.06mm < 1% < 1% < 1%
Dimensions (mm, excluding connections) 25 x 25 x 11 20 x 20 x 31 20 x 20 x 31
Connector SMA SMA SMA
Capacitance 50pF 50pF 50pF
Switching Speed Driver limited Driver limited Driver limited

Solid State 20kHz Driver Specification

Power Input +9V or +12V @ 0.7A D.C.
Output +900V pulse
Nominal Pulse Length 20 - 100ns, internally adjustable
Rise Time into 50pF Capacitor £10ns
Trigger Input 2 - 5V with 10ns rise time into 50W
Repetition Rate 0 - 20kHz
Dimensions 60 x 60 x 110mm
Connectors: Output & Trig. in SMA
Cable length between Pulser and Deflector 500mm max.