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Singlemode fibers: Singlemode fibers have core sizes small enough that only one single path exists in the fiber for the light to travel. As a result they maintain the high spatial coherence and constant Gaussian profiles of high quality lasers. This makes them ideal for many applications where the goal is to generate a high quality beam or focused spot. However the output polarization of the light from the fiber will change as one bends, twists, squeezes or change the temperature of the fiber. They do not preserve polarization.

Singlemode fibers have an operating wavelengths determined by their cutoff wavelength and core diameter. At wavelengths shorter than the cutoff wavelength the fiber is no longer singlemode in nature and instead starts to act like a multimode fiber, generating a beam that is not Gaussian and that changes as one bends the fiber. At long wavelengths the core becomes too

small to trap the light well. The transmission becomes more and more sensitive to bending the fiber and eventually the light is no longer transmitted by the fiber. OZ Optics offers special broadband RGB singlemode fibers for visible light applications, able to transmit light from 400nm to 650nm.

Standard singlemode fibers (SMF) normally have a germanium doped core with a pure silica cladding. For wavelengths shorter than 600nm we instead use fibers with a pure fused silica core with a fluorine doped cladding (QSMF fibers).



Huge variety of fi bers available from stock

Fibers for wavelengths from 200nm to over 2000nm

Multimode, singlemode, polarization maintaining, and large mode area fi bers

Available uncabled and precabled



Life Sciences and biotechnology