LIEKKI™ passive fibers

LIEKKI™ passive fibers

LIEKKI™ passive fibers are available as large mode area (LMA) fibers and  multi-mode fibers. LIEKKI™ LMA passive fibers match the standard LIEKKI active fibers, which have matching passive double cladding (DC) fiber.  Most of the standard active fibers also have the matching passive non-DC fiber.  Passive fibers are matched to the fiber core diameter and numerical aperture of the active counterparts so that excellent beam quality is maintained throughout the fiber laser or amplifier. Polarization maintaining (PM) fibers are also available for the range of standard PM active fibers. Many of the LMA passive fibers are suitable for Fiber Bragg Grating manufacturing, and are all suitable for combiner manufacturing.

LIEKKI™ passive, multi-mode fibers are designed and manufactured to be used in high brightness, power delivery applications. Available numerical apertures are the industry standard 0.15 and 0.22, and the fibers can be applied to applications ranging from visible wavelengths to >1500nm.


型號 市場 纖芯直徑 光纖摻雜
LIEKKI™ Passive Fibers  Fiber Laser Solutions 6.0um Si
LIEKKI™ Passive Fibers  Fiber Laser Solutions 10um Si
LIEKKI™ Passive Fibers  Fiber Laser Solutions 12.5um Si
LIEKKI™ Passive Fibers  Fiber Laser Solutions 20um Si
LIEKKI™ Passive Fibers  Fiber Laser Solutions 25um Si
LIEKKI™ Passive Fibers  Fiber Laser Solutions 30um Si
LIEKKI™Passive Multimoded Fibers  Fiber Laser Solutions 105um Si
LIEKKI™Passive Multimoded Fibers  Fiber Laser Solutions 200um Si
LIEKKI™Passive Multimoded Fibers  Fiber Laser Solutions 400um Si