Er doped fibers are available over a range of dopant concentration levels ranging from Er16 to Er120. The Er number refers to the nominal small signal absorption of the core at the 1530nm peak wavelength in dB/m. Er fibers are primarily available for single-clad core pumping applications, but a range of cladding pumped fibers are also available.

The RP Fiber Power software is offered by our partner, RP Photonics Consulting GmbH, and allows performance simulation of lasers, amplifiers, and ASE sources based on rare-earth-doped fibers. Short and ultrashort pulse devices can be covered as well. On this basis, optimized device designs can be developed.


型號 市場 纖芯直徑 光纖摻雜
LIEKKI™ Er30-4/125 Fiber Laser Solutions 4um / 125 Er - 30
LIEKKI™ Er40-4/125 Fiber Laser Solutions 4um / 125 Er - 40
LIEKKI™ Er110-4/125 Fiber Laser Solutions 4um / 125 Er - 110
LIEKKI™ Er110-4/125 Fiber Laser Solutions 4um / 125 Er - 110
LIEKKI™ Er16-8/125 Fiber Laser Solutions 8um / 125 Er - 16
LIEKKI™ Er80-x-125 Fiber Laser Solutions 8um / 125 Er - 80