Long Working Distance Lensed Fiber

Using our advanced lensed fibre technology, we can now provide long-working distance lensed fibres with model number OELFP-200 for fibre to LD coupling, fibre to waveguide coupling and for sampling, detection in sensing, medical and biological applications. Compared with our standard lensed fibre product with model number OELFP-100 which has a working distance of less than 10 μm, OELFP-200 has a focus length of up to 100 μm. We supply standard and custom made lensed fibre products including wedge lensed fibres, conical lensed fibres and angle polished fibres.

The lensed fibre can also be made with fibre Bragg gratings to do the two things at the same time: stabilize the wavelength and increase the coupling efficiency. We provide the complete solution for pump laser packages with lensed fibre and fibre gratings in the same fiber. For more information on our pump laser stabilizer fibre grating, please visit the pump laser stabilizer fiber grating page.

We also provide other process like AR coating, metallization, connectoriation, ferrule mouting with lensed fibre to help our customer reduce the package cost, increase turn around time and increase product reliability.


  •     980 nm, 1480 nm pump laser pigtail
  •     1310 nm, 1550 nm LD pigtail
  •     DWDM device package
  •     Waveguide package
  •     MEMS device connections


  •     High coupling efficiency for fibre to LD, fibre to waveguide and fibre-to-fibre applications
  •     Available in single mode, PM fibres and multimode fibres
  •     Available in conical, wedge, angle and other customer tip shapes
  •     Lensed fibre array integrated with V-Groove with high precision
  •     Available in metallized fibres
  •     AR coated lensed fibre tip
  •     Ferrule mount option
  •     Connectorization options
  •     Quick delivery time and cost effective
  •     Full engineering support

OELFP-100 Wedged or Angled Lensed Fibre Specifications:

  •     Working distance less than 10 μm
  •     Angle polished fiber angles: 8° ~ 90°
  •     Wedge lensed fiber angles: 30° ~ 120°
  •     Wedge lensed fiber radius: 3 μm ~ 16 μm
  •     SM, PM fibre

OELFP-200 Conical Lensed Fibre Specifications:

  •     Custom design
  •     Working distance up to 140 μm
  •     Conical lensed fibre angles: 35° ~ 110°
  •     Conical lensed fibre radius: 3 μm ~ 70 μm
  •     SM, PM fibre

Figure 1: Angle Polished Fibre

Figure 2: Conical Lensed Fibre

Figure 3: Wedged Fiber

Figure 4: Diagram of the lensed fibre

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Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice.