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FST-001 光纖拉伸器


The FST-001-B is a piezo-driven fiber stretcher with an optical delay range of up to 3 mm. The device, including the piezo driver, is packaged in a metal enclosure. Each of the four piezos can be controlled independently, allowing high resolution or large stroke. Piezos can be controlled with an analog signal or a 12-bit TTL signal. Under analog control, the driving circuit acts as a 4-channel voltage amplifier with 30V/V amplification.


Optical Path Delay Range: > 3 mm (in air)
Phase Change Sensitivity: 810 π/V at 1550nm, (analog input, using 4 channels)
Internal Voltage Amplification: 30 V/V
Max. Voltage On PZT: 140 volts
Resonance Frequency: 2.2 kHz ± 0.3 kHz
Insertion Loss 1: < 0.2 dB
Insertion Loss Variation: < 0.1 dB
Return Loss: > 65 dB
PDL: < 0.05 dB
Fiber Type: SMF-28 (others available by request)
Wavelength Range2: 1260 to 1620 nm
Maximum Optical Power: >1000 mW
Analog Input (4 channels): 4.7 volts max. for each channel
Digital Input: 20-pin digital connector to accept 12 bit TTL control signal.
Operating Temperature: 0 to 50 °C
Storage Temperature: -40 to 80 °C
Dimensions: 170 (L) × 106 (W) × 38.6 (H) mm

Values given without connectors.
With SMF-28 fiber.