EPC1000偏振控製器(德國 Novoptel)

EPC1000 Polarization Controller/Demultiplexer

Key features

  • Ultrafast endless optical polarization control with guaranteed endless tracking (control) speed of ,  or even 
    • Tracking speed is guaranteed at normal, good optical signal quality.
    • Extremly reliable: More than 350 Gigarad were tracked in several 
    • To our knowledge, Novoptel’s endless polarization tracking speed is at least 100 times as high as that of competitor products. If you are aware of something better then please inform us so that we can correct this statement.
  • Wavelength range: C band; extendable to S, extended C, and L band
  • Temperature range: -10°C to +70°C; extension is possible.
  • Insertion loss: 3 to 5 dB (excluding splitting loss)
  • Miniaturized size (board without protruding rubber boot: 150 mm x 78 mm x 15 mm)
  •  Polarization demultiplexing based on residual interference detection is possible. Cost-saving version demultiplexes both DQPSK or QAM polarization channels.
  • Options: User-supplied error signal, other modulation formats,arbitrary and endlessly variable output polarization, ...
  • EPX1000 = cost-saving desktop unit with combined functionalities of EPC1000 and 
  • Low power consumption: ~5 W from single +5 V source. Depends on desired maximum tracking speed. Compatible with the needs of 40 Gb/s, 100 GbE, 2x100 GbE, 4x100 GbE and other transponders.
  • Interfaces for external controller or computer
    • Software commands (SPI) as well as digital hardware lines for important functions such as reset, control (on/off) and channel swapping (to exchange demultiplexed polarization channels). The latter may for example be activated by a framer/mapper which analyzes polarization channel information. Logic levels 3.3 V.
    • For special needs the standard values of important parameters (control gain and speed, delay and rise time of supplied error signal) can be modified by software commands.
    • Remote access possibility for diagnosis and troubleshooting
    • In-field upgradable firmware
  • Operation of standalone unit via control buttons or USB (software is included)
  • We are eager to accommodate special requirements.