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Polarization Analyzer (PA-1000)

The PA-1000 is typically used to select the desired basis state when measuring quantum entangled states of light. 

For instance, in conjunction with an entangled photon source (EPS-1000) and a correlated photon detection system (CPDS-1000) the PA-1000 will measure two-photon interference fringes or can perform a quantum state tomography. 

Between the optical input and the optical output is a calibrated electronically controllable polarization controller followed by either a linear polarizer (-L option with one output port) or a polarization beam splitter (PBS) type polarizer (-P option with two optical output ports). 

The polarization controller manipulates the polarization of the input light and the polarizer passes only light polarized parallel to its axis leading to the desired measurement.

 Four variable waveplates with their optical axes oriented at 45° angles with respect to neighboring waveplates perform the polarization control. The PA-1000 interfaces to a PC through a USB port. The inputs and outputs are fiber coupled.

PA-1000 shown with the PBS (-2) option.