偏振無關擾偏器 PS-700

偏振無關擾偏器 PS-700

FiberControl’s polarization-independent polarization state scrambler, PS-700, provides
high speed scrambling of optical signals with low insertion loss and is independent of the
input state-of-polarization. This robust all fiber design provides a wide optical bandwidth,
and enables the use of high signal powers, thereby making it suitable for DWDM

Our unique RF-modulated format provides near pseudo-random scrambling as indicated by
the broad RF electrical spectral response, unlike other scramblers, whose spectral response
reveals well-defined resonances. The high-speed scrambling provides coverage over a
large portion of the Poincaré sphere. Fully Patented.



  • Polarization independent
  • Broad optical bandwidth
  • High optical power throughput
  • Low back-reflection, low insertion loss
  • Connectorized or fiber input/output
  • Instant on (no warm-up)
  • Wide temperature range


  • Component level PDL measurements
  • Sub-system PDL testing
  • Reduce polarization-dependent effects
    within EDFA optical transmission systems
    (PDG, PDL)
  • Reduce PDL in test-bed measurements of
    third-party optical equipment

Specifications: (optical, line power, physical)



Optical Input/Output

FC/UPC, FC/APC, or Bare Fiber

Poincaré Sphere Coverage

80% to 95% est. (near pseudo-random)


< 5%

Insertion Loss (typ.)

< 0.75 dB

Return Loss

>50 dB, > 55 dB (FC/UPC, FC/APC, or bare fiber)

Operating Wavelength

1300 nm – 1610 nm

Maximum Optical Input ‡

+30 dBm

Scrambling Rate†

4 MHz

PDL (typ.)

<0.05 dB

Residual AM Modulation


Fiber Type

Lucent Technologies, True Wave™

Line Power / Temperature


Operating Temperature

-10°C - +35°C

Electric Input Power

100/120/220/240 ±10% VAC

Line Frequency

50/60 Hz

Power Receptacle

IEC 320



Physical Dimensions

8.9 x 30.5 x 42.5 cm (3 ½” x 12’’ x 16 ¾ ’’)

Rack Mount

Standard 18 ½’’


6.58 Kg (14.5 lb.)

- All measurements @ 1550nm
‡ SRS limit (SBS limit is determined by user’s spectral broadening of sources)
† At the –10dB point from near uniform electrical rf spectral distribution

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