OCT應用光柵(840nm,1500 l/mm @ 840nm)



Wasatch Photonics is a manufacturer of volume phase holograpic gratings. Our gratings are unmatched in performance and offer many clear advantages over conventional surface relief gratings. The grating structure is in the volume of the grating medium and not on the surface. This allows for a thicker grating to be produced. With over 130 years of combined experience in developing, designing and manufacturing these gratings, our skilled staff is ready to meet the needs of your most demanding projects.




35mm x 45mm 光柵




1500 l/mm @ 840nm 衍射效率曲線


1500 l/mm @ 840nm 色散曲線圖


光學相幹層析(OCT)光柵: 600 l/mm @ 840nm
光學相幹層析(OCT)光柵: 960 l/mm @ 840nm
光學相幹層析(OCT)光柵: 1200 l/mm @ 840nm
光學相幹層析(OCT)光柵: 1500 l/mm @ 840nm
光學相幹層析(OCT)光柵: 1800 l/mm @ 840nm
光學相幹層析(OCT)光柵: 900 l/mm @ 930nm
光學相幹層析(OCT)光柵: 600 l/mm @ 840nm
光學相幹層析(OCT)光柵: HD 1450 l/mm @ 1050nm
光學相幹層析(OCT)光柵: 900 l/mm @ 1300nm
光學相幹層析(OCT)光柵: HD 1145 l/mm @ 1310nm