Athermalisation for FBGs

Athermalisation for FBG's

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Fiber Bragg gratings are sensitive against changes of temperature and strain. The temperature caused wavelength shift for an FBG at 1550 nm is about +10 pm/K. (Therefore standard FBGs are also used as temperature sensors ).

To prevent the gratings from that behaviour, a special package is used. Our patent pending package consist of an assembly of materials with different expansion coefficients which induces a small strain to the FBG, exactly dosed to reduce the wavelength shift to a minimum.

  • FBG's for 50/100/200 GHz DWDM applications
  • Wavelength referenced FBG's
  • Add/Drop-multiplexers for 100GHz and 50GHz channel spacing
  • Laser wavelength stabilising FBG
For an excellence long term stability, the package is epoxy-free and immune against humidity.

Athermal packaging

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