FBG for sensors and filters

FBG for sensors and filters

iXFiber proposes a wide range of Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) products for the following applications :

  • Laser Diode Stabilizers
  • Wavelength selective Filters for telecommunications (WDM Mux/Demux, slope filters) and customer specific applications
  • Broadband Filters
  • Dissipative Filters
  • Wavelength shift components for temperature, strain or surrounding refractive index sensing

This in-fiber core component is designed and manufactured flexibly to match your specific filter response. Fast turn-around can help you in determining the best solution with assurance of reliability based on over 15 years experience. We propose you a wide wavelength range (800 to 2100 nm) and various grating protection.

Key Features

Standard or specialty fiber
Phase mask or Lloyd's mirror interferometric method
Large range of wavelengths
Standard or custom spectral shape & grating type ( FP cavity, phase-shift)
Telcordia qualified