Gain Flattening Filters(For EDFA)

Gain Flattening Filters


iXFiber's Gain Flattening Filter restores all wavelengths to approximately the same intensity.
The high flexible process allows a fast prototype delivery time. 
Fiber Bragg Grating technology achieves low systematic errors. 
Chirped and Slanted (iXTra) are performed on internal specialty fiber to achieve High Return Loss and High Frequency Ripple. 
Furthermore, iXFiber’s GFF can be delivered with Polarisation Maintaining Fiber (PMF).

Key features :

  • C & L Band
  • Weak error function
  • Low excess insertion loss
  • Low PDL & PMD
  • Custom design
  • Telcordia qualified package
  • High flexible process allowing fast prototype delivery time
  • FBG technology achieves low systematic errors
  • PM available

Application :

  • Optical amplifier gain flattening
  • ASE source flattening
  • Cleanup filters
  • ASE noise removing
  • Other diameters or custom design on request