MEMS 快速光開關(單模/多模)


The SW series are fast, non-latching MEMS switches available both for single mode and multimode fibers. They are available in configurations from 1x2 to 1x32. These switches are mainly used in test and measurement applications.


單模:1xNwithinterface , Co-Axial1xNswitch , SW1x2 , SW1x4 , SW1x8 ,SW1x13 ,SW1x16 , SW1x24 , SW1x32 , SW1x36 , SW2x2;

多模:1xNwithRS232I2CorUSB , SW1x2-2x2MM , SW1x4MM ,SW1x8MM , SW1x13MM , SW1x16MM , SW1x24MM , SW1x2StepIndexMM200

The MEMS switching structure achieves repeatability of 0.001 dB and doesn


The SW 1x4 switch is a very fast opto-mechanical switch working over both telecom wavelength windows from 1240 nm to 1600 nm. The highly reliable switching mechanism is based on micromechanical mirrors and features below 1 ms switching time and only 1.0 dB insertion loss.
The miniature package withstands rugged environments and is well suited for direct mounting on printed circuit boards.


  •  reliable
  •  1.0 dB insertion loss
  •  1 ms response time
  •  60 dB crosstalk
  •  non-latching


  •  Source Selection
  •  Protection Switching
  •  Monitoring
  •  Wavelength provisioning


The sercalo non-latching 1x4 switch modules are fast and reliable switches designed for single mode fiber instrumentation and communication equipment. The device is based on the latest silicon MEMS technology and uses micro-mechanical mirrors to redirect the light. The absence of fatigue and wear-out allows to achieve a constant switching quality even after billions of actuation cycles. The switch features fast switching below 1 ms and high crosstalk attenuation above 60 dB. Repeatability is better than 0.01 dB. The switch is powered by a 5 V supply voltage. A 5 V TTL or CMOS drive signal is used to control the switching state.