1550 nm 皮秒脈衝激光器


1550 nm Picosecond Pulsed Laser, MOPA with 37 dBm Output (PPL-1550-37-R)

The Optilab PPL-1550-37-R is a fiber laser that produces picosecond pulses from electrical input pulses.

Product Overview

The Optilab PPL-1550-37-R is a fiber laser that produces picosecond pulses from electrical input pulses. The system contains a pulsed seed laser as Master Ocillator (MO) and a Power Amplifier (PA). The PPL-1550-37-R is capable of producing < 200 ps optical pulse widths and corresponding repetition rates up to 100 MHz from the user’s electrical pulse input. The system contains two units with seed laser PPL-1550 and power amplifier EYDFA-37.
The PPL-1550 consists of a stabalized DFB laser diode, centered at 1550 nm. The DFB laser operates under Continuous Wave (CW) mode, modulated by a high speed modulator rise time of less than 35 ps. EYDFA-37 is incorporated to amplify PPL-1550 output to 37 dBm. The PPL-1550-37-R features a standard remote control interface (RS-232) and an LCD display screen for easy user interface, accessible through a front panel adjustment knob. Contact Optilab for more information.


  • LIDAR laser source
  • Free space communication
  • Research & Development
  • Testing & Measurement


  • Master Oscillator Power Amplifier (MOPA)
  • Programmable pulse width & repetition rate
  • High Pulse Contrast of -30 dB
  • Generate short pulse of < 200 ps
  • Uses external electrical input
  • 1540 nm to 1563 nm laser λ adjustable ±1.5 nm
  • Optional collimator
Feature Name Description
Optical Specifications
Laser Wavelength 1543 nm to 1570 nm
Wavelength Tuning Range Up to ±1.5 nm
Mininum Pulse Width < 200 ps
Modulator Rise/Fall Time < 35 ps
DFB Laser Linewidth < 3 MHz, 1 MHz available
Pulse Repetition Rate User programmable
Energy per Pulse Up to 50 mJ
Pulse Contrast -30 dB
Peak Power Output (w/ EDFA) Up to 2 kW peak
Jitter Relative to RF Reference 10 rms max.
Pulse Amplitude Variation 1% rms max.
Polarization Extinction Ratio 20 dB typ.
Amplitude Stability (Short Term) < 1%
Collimated Beam Quality m2 < 1.2
Electrical Input Specifications
Modulator Bandwidth Up to 20 GHz
Modulator Extinction Ratio 40 dB typical
Input Level > 0.5 V peak to peak
Electrical Input Frequency 50 KHz to 15 GHz
Electrical Connector SMA
Mechanical Specifications
Operating Temperature 0º C to +50º C
Storage Temperature -40° to +70° C
Humidity 10% to 90%
Power Supply 110 V AC and 220 V AC, 50 or 60 Hz
Display Temperature, Current, Voltage
Controls/Monitoring LDC display or RS-232 for Laser Switch, EDFA output power through front panel.
Communication Interface RS-232 interface cabling from PC to rackmount units
Dimensions 1RU: 19” x 14”x 1.75” (PPL-1550) 2RU: 19” x 14” x3.5” (EYDFA-37)
Optical Fiber Bare fiber or collimator
Electrical Connectors SMA Female