SLD modules are extremely sensitive to surges and spikes of drive current (or voltage). Any mistake in the design of a driving circuit may result in SLD module damage and failure. In most cases, modules cannot be repaired from this kind of damage. To provide an adequate level of SLD protection, it is imperative to have a properly designed current and temperature controller. Superlum offers PILOT drivers that allow to operate all types of cooled Superlum's SLD modules at a high level of stability and protection.

Compact mounts/heads are available for all types of modules (). Fiber coupled modules can be easily replaced in the mount by the customer—no soldering required. Free-space SLD modules assembled in TOW 1 and TOW 2 packages and installed in TOW mounts cannot be replaced by the customer.


  • Driving of all types of Superlum's cooled modules.
  • High-stability temperature control from +10 °C to +40 °C, with indication of temperature setpoint.
  • High-stability drive current control from 0 mA to 400 mA.
  • Low noise.
  • Remote control port for SLD status monitoring and turning SLD power on/off.
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Board-Level Current & Temperature Controller PILOT4-PCB based on the proven circuit design of Superlum's  benchtop driver was developed specifically to be incorporated into OEM systems. A board-level version provides greater flexibility for integration into a system design and allows our customers to develop efficient and cost-effective solutions.

SLD and Driver Assemblies 

If you are looking for both an SLD module and an appropriate driver for it, consider an all-in-one light source, in which the SLD and driver are integrated together. Such a light source is easy to set up and won't take up very much space.

 is an SLD light source which combines a fiber pigtailed SLD module, a high precision current and temperature controller, and an optional optical isolator in one compact and easy-to-use device. Each product is custom made with the SLD module of your choice. See the  for details.