Low Cost Fiber Coupled Laser Diode

(Wavelength from 240nm to 6000nm)



We offer low cost fiber coupled laser diode products with model number OEFLD-100. OEFLD-100  can be coupled with single mode fiber, multimode fiber, PM fiber, or other special type fibers. With our advanced package and fiber coupling technology, OEFLD-100 is low cost, small size, high stability and high coupling efficiency fiber pigtailed laser diode products. 


OEFLD-100 Laser diode wavelength can be any one from 240nm to 6000nm. Any type of laser diodes like FP laser diode, DFB laser diode, VCSEL laser, SLED, LED et al. can be coupled into fiber with high couplijng efficiency.  OEFLD-100 Laser diodes can be used as stand alone or OEM components for many applications like instrumentation, biomedical, sensor, chemical and other industries.


We have an increasing inventory (off the shelf ) of fiber coupled laser diodes in stock.  These fiber coupled laser diode in inventory is low cost and can be shipped next day. Please check our fiber coupled laser diode inventory frequently in order to take the advantages of low cost, fast shipment. 



figure 1.  fiber pigtailed laser diodes in aluminium package


figure 2.  fiber pigtailed laser diode in stainless steel package